Mercedes Aramendía

Lawyer - Consultant

Customized, innovative, comprehensive and agile solutions.


Integral Legal Advice AND CONSULTANCY

Integral Legal Advice

Services focused on the formation and administration of companies, negotiation and drafting of several types of contracts, defense of competition, consumer protection, strategic planning, migratory issues and corporate matters.

Support and comprehensive advice in companies and individuals in their relations and contracts with the Public Administration. Resolution of problems through various mechanisms, such as administrative and judicial defense. Access to public information.

Society expects a sustainable development of business, in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. For companies, it is increasingly important to obtain adequate advice in order to comply with legal requirements, while looking for efficient solutions

Integral advice on civil aspects (cotratacts, obligations and claims), family (adoption, alimony, agreements, matrimonial processes, etc.), and inheritance.

Support and advice in mater such as IT law, electronic commerce, electronic contracting, electronic payment instruments, protection of personal data, intelectual property, among others.

It is essential for companies to have support and advice on legislation and precedents in this area. Support is offered for the establishment and management of labor relations, in the preparation and conclusion of contracts, in the application and fulfillment of obligations and representation before the authorities.

Advice and support to achieve solutions in line with the objectives sought

Advice, facilitation of negotiations and representation in a wide range of legal services including regulatory affairs, contracts, request for authorizations, concessions and interconnections for networks, approval of equipment, attention to procedures, defense of competition and consumer.



Society and investors increasingly prefer companies that operate responsibly with society, while recognizing their strategic role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) declared by the United Nations.

The challenge presented to companies is to innovate in a sustainable manner in their businesses, directly influencing economic, social and environmental aspects.

The way in which business and communication are done are fundamental aspects for society to know their actions. This generates a positive impact, improves the relationship and the reputation of the company in society.

With the great development of the media, especially the Internet, and the speed with which information is shared, it is essential that companies are prepared to respond in the best way to any incident that may affect them.

Identify the possible risks in the company's environment and prepare a tailored, quick and effective action plan to mitigate the impact, usually presented as an alternative that allows to anticipate and respond adequately to any incident.

About us

The way in which the processes are carried out in the different activities involve all the actors of the society, being essential a complete vision of the same, as well as the impulse, the supervision and the permanent dedication for the healthy performance of the activities.

MERCEDES ARAMENDIA looks for customized, innovative, integral and agile solutions, where interests are protected through dedication and absolute dedication.

Innovation, constant updating, closeness to each client and work in ad hoc teams seeks to provide a high quality interdisciplinary legal and consultancy service in all areas of personal and business activity.


Lawyer (in Uruguay and Spain), magister in economic administrative law, MBA and master's degree in administration, direction and business organization.

Expert in institutional relations, regulation and business public positioning.

Facilitates relationships and dialogue, offers a personalized service, with multidisciplinary vision, approaches the parties and resolves problems, in order to reach reasonable agreements.

Worked in positions of responsibility in multinationals such as Telefónica (Movistar) and KPMG, as well as in other strategic areas for society such as the Chamber of Telecommunications of Uruguay and in various legal studies in the country.


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